Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday said the investigators of the National Investigation Agency(NIA) have recovered bottles containing nitric acid and picric (which go into making explosives) from the belongings left behind by Yasin Bhatkal, alleged co-founder of the Indian Mujahiddin in his rented room in Goa in February last year.

A NIA team had on Saturday flew down to Goa with Bhatkal to ascertain his possible terror links in Goa. They flew back to Delhi on the same day after visiting a room he had rented after he arrived in Goa in November 2011 in Anjuna village of north coastal Goa and Chimbel, a slum adjoining the city.

The Chief Minister also disclosed that one person was picked up by NIA for interrogation from Chimbel who had allegedly helped Bhatkal to get the accommodation but later snapped links with him. He was later released.

Mr. Parrikar said that the NIA officials recovered some 'acid bottles' and some kitchen utensils in the belongings strewn outside the said room, which the owner of the house had left there after breaking open the lock once he realized that Bhatkal and his associate, who had paid a hefty sum of Rs.30,000 to take the room did not return.

The Chief Minister appealed to the people to be wary of strangers while renting out their premises and to check the credentials of the guests instead of succumbing to temptations of huge rentals offered. He wanted the landlords giving out premises or hiring people to go by the Magistrate\Police advisories to fill C form which is required for national security.