The government has approved dual family pension to the next of kin of ex-servicemen who are re-employed by the State or Central government bodies.

A circular to this effect was issued last week. The surviving family members of ex-servicemen, who are re-employed in Central civil departments, State governments, public sector organisations, autonomous bodies etc, will be eligible for family pension from the military as well as civilian side if any.

The new circular overrides the previous order and Regulation 78 of the Pension Regulations for the Army according to which the next of kin of armed forces pensioners, who got re-employed in civil departments, PSUs, autonomous bodies etc after retirement from military service, were authorised to opt for pension either from military or the civilian side.

M.N. Subramani, president, VeKARE Ex-servicemen Trust, Mysore, told The Hindu that it would benefit families of personnel who retire as Naik Subedars and below at the prime of their youth in the age group of 33 to 40. A majority of them are re-employed mostly as gunmen, security staff etc in public sector organisations, government or quasi-government offices etc.


While ex-servicemen used to draw two pensions – from the military as well as the civilian side (if they were re-employed) during their life time, the same facility was denied to the surviving family members who had to opt only for one of the pensions and this anomaly has been rectified, he said. “However, the financial benefit will accrue with effect from September 24, 2012. We will contest that as the financial benefit of dual pension should be granted from the date the family becomes eligible,” he added.

  • Earlier, they got it either from military or civilian side

  • Circular issued last week