Mallikarjun Biradar, Chairman of the Gulbarga-Bidar Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union, has released the Karnataka Milk Federation’s (KMF) new variety of milk ‘Samrudhi’, which contains higher fat and cream, to compete with the private players dominating the market with their milk variants.

Releasing ‘Samrudhi’ to markets in Gulbarga and Bidar districts here on Monday, Mr. Biradar said that the new variant contained 6 per cent fat and 9 per cent SNS, and will cost Rs. 35 a litre.

Mr. Biradar said that milk production in Gulbarga and Bidar districts had surpassed the demand.

“The KMF dairy here is overflowing with milk, and every day, around 12,000 litres of milk remains unsold and is used to produce milk byproducts. The present production of milk in the two districts is around 74,000 litres, of which 69,000 litres is sold and remaining 5,000 litres used to prepare curds,” he said.

He said that several measures had been launched to market the excess milk. Twenty-three milk parlours were being opened in all bus stands in Gulbarga and Bidar districts, he added.

  • ‘Present production of milk stands at 74,000 litres’

  • Milk parlours to be opened at bus-stands: Biradar