Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa told the Legislative Council on Thursday that there is a dire need to draw the attention of the Centre to linking the benefits of its welfare schemes to family planning.

Responding to the observations by Leader of the Opposition V.S. Ugrappa and M.C. Nanaiah (Janata Dal-Secular), Mr. Yeddyurappa said: “Let us discuss the State Government’s idea of extending benefits of all its welfare schemes only for those families comprising only two children, in both the Houses. Let us pass a unanimous resolution on the issue and forward it to the Centre. Let the State be the first to initiate steps for containing the impending national tragedy due to population explosion in the coming years.”

Citing reasons that prompted the Government to contemplate on some serious steps,

Mr. Yeddyurappa said that he was shocked to learn that some bogus BPL cards had been confiscated by the authorities. There were cases of one person having five BPL cards. Correcting Tontadarya’s (BJP) observation during his recent tour to European countries, Mr. Nanaiah said that infrastructure and other facilities in European countries were conditioned by their respective political systems and weather.

It would be wrong to compare the country’s way of life and living standards with that of the West. The country’s family system and individuals were not bereft of peace and tranquillity and the Government should take measures their immediate requirement such as employment and infrastructure, he argued.