Top five MPs in 14th Lok Sabha failed to get re-elected

National Social Watch (NSW) has rated MPs on the basis of their attendance in the House, number of questions asked and the number of Private Members' Bills (PMB) proposed during the 14th Lok Sabha.

All the MPs were evaluated on a 10-point scale after which C.K. Chandrappan of the Communist Party of India from Thrissur emerged the topper. Ramdas Athawale of the Republican Party of India from Pandharpur came second, Mohan Singh of the Samajwadi Party from Deoria third, Braja Kishore Tripathy of the Biju Janata Dal from Puri fourth and Salarapatty Kuppusamy Kharventhan of the Congress from Palani fifth. Ironically, none of these five toppers got re-elected to the Lok Sabha despite their educated interventions and rigid discipline during the previous term.

The results have been condensed in the form of a book, Citizens' Report on Governance and Development-2010, published by SAGE publications, which was released at a press conference here on Thursday. The book is, however, not just limited to the parliamentary exercise and its scope is much wider. It is an evaluation of the four key institutions of governance — parliament, judiciary, executive and local-self government.

Commenting on the failure of the best performers to get re-elected, national convenor of NSW Amitabh Behar said that the top 10 parliamentarians are also not part of New Delhi's A-List politicians' network. “Most of the top 10 are hardly ever on national news networks,” he said.

In a telling passage, the book states, “One of the biggest complaints of the members [of Parliament] is that all serious work gets ignored while trivia gets sensationalised. The result of this lopsided approach means the work of those MPs who strive to contribute to the functioning of Parliament, goes unnoticed… there is no recognition for good work done.”

  • All MPs evaluated on a 10-point scale
  • Results condensed in book form