Transmission Executive of All India Radio, Dharwad, Kirti Nidagundi has made Dharwad proud by winning the ‘Akashvani Annual Awards-2012’ in the special topic documentary category.

Ms. Nidagundi scripted and produced the documentary Breakna Nantara (After the Break) which was chosen for the national award in the special topic documentary category.


The documentary elaborates on how consumerism has made its presence felt in all spheres of life. ‘After the Break’ symbolically views consumerism as an offset of commercialisation and depicts how this after-the-break culture has been responsible for fissures developing in relationships, how fostering children has become money-centric, and how women have been objectified.

Ms. Nidagundi earlier bagged the national award in the innovative programme category at the Akashvani Annual Awards-2010.

In the last five years, AIR Dharwad has bagged seven awards at the national level. Programme Head C.U. Bellakki congratulated

Ms. Kirti for her award-winning programme.