‘He has met the criteria as per KSU Act, 2000’

The State government has issued fresh orders for appointing G.B. Nandan as Registrar (Administration) of Karnatak University, Dharwad. Through the order, signed by Under Secretary to the Department of Education (Universities) Prakash Kesarkar, it has been stated that Prof. Nandan from Department of Political Sciences has been appointed Registrar (Administration) till further orders.

Prof. Nandan took charge on Thursday in the absence of the incumbent Registrar S.A. Patil.

Vice-Chancellor of the university H.B. Walikar was not present either.

Since Prof. Patil was on leave, he could not hand over the charge to Prof. Nandan.

It might be recalled that Prof. Nandan’s appointment in December had been stayed by the Dharwad Circuit Bench of the Karnataka High Court after Prof. Patil raised an objection. The court had asked the government to appoint any eligible candidate, including Prof. Nandan and Prof. Patil, as the Registrar by issuing fresh orders as per the procedure under Section 17 (1) of the Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000 within two weeks. Following the stay order, Prof. Patil had resumed charge as Registrar.

Subsequently, based on State government’s direction, the university submitted a list of eligible candidates including Prof. Patil, S.S. Patagundi, C.S. Naikar and C. Rajshekhar for the post.

However, the Department of Higher Education chose to appoint Prof. Nandan for the post despite the university not recommending his name. The department said that Prof. Nandan had met the eligibility criteria as per the KSU Act. The order mentions that Prof. Nandan has been appointed in a bid to fulfil the government’s aspirations of providing social justice to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and good governance at the university. The order mentions that these aspects were not considered while appointing Prof. Patil for the post.

The order also mentions that Prof. Patil’s services have been repatriated to the Department of Chemistry, his parent department.

  • Prof. Nandan took charge in the absence of the incumbent Registrar S.A. Patil

  • ‘Prof. Patil’s services have been repatriated to the Department of Chemistry’