“My opponents are using unfair means of campaigning,” Bandeppa Kashempur, the former minister and the Janata Dal (Secular) candidate from Bidar South told presspersons here on Friday.

Ashok Kheny, Karnataka Makkala Paksha candidate, is collecting application forms from the youth and promising them jobs. He has also promised to lobby with the State government for the release of additional compensation to famers who lost lands in the Karanja irrigation project. His followers are collecting details from farmers about the amount of land lost in the irrigation project, he said. Mr. Kheny has even gone to the extent of announcing that he would release compensation from his personal funds, if the government did not increase their compensation.

He has also promised to build roads and drill borewells, the expenses for which would be met by his personal funds, claiming he could work faster than the government.

Mr. Kashempur claimed Amrit Chimkod, Independent, and Shailendra Beldale, Karnataka Janata Paksha candidate, were trying to create confusion among voters. “They have distributed pamphlets with pictures of the electronic voting machine and names of candidates. While their serial numbers, names and symbols are rightly depicted, my serial number is wrongly printed. I have begun to suspect this is being deliberately done to create confusion among voters,” Mr. Kashempur said.

He has complained to the Election Commission about these three issues. Several BSP leaders from Bidar South constituency have joined the JD(S) in the last few days, Mr. Kashempur said.

  • ‘Kheny promised

    to pay for roads,


  • Have complained to EC: Kashempur