Staff Reporter

Bangalore: A new generation of multi-function radars, with the capacity to be integrated with any weapon system, are being readied by The Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) for surveillance, early warning, interception guidance and raid assessment.

“Arudra” a medium power radar, a low-level transportable 150 km radar, and a synthetic aperture radar will be developed in about three years, LRDE Director S. Varadarajan told presspersons here on Tuesday.

Mr. Varadarajan explained that while the weapon control radar, Rajendra, was also a multi-function radar “it was totally married with the Akash weapon system”. However, these new radars, including the medium power and low-level transportable radar, will be broad-based so that they can be integrated into any weapons system, he said.

“Our ultimate mission is to extend it for multiple missions and multiple functions. All enabling technologies are available and we are closely tying up with industries,” he added. “The indigenous radar technology is contemporary and Indian manufacturing industries are seeing business in them.”

Mr. Varadarajan said that the country had a huge requirement for radars, especially for deployment in inaccessible terrain where security needs are high. “Today, we have radars that can measure the length of the target up to a metre.”