Over 170 buses, including private ones, are operated daily on the Bangalore to Hyderabad route

The Bangalore to Hyderabad route is one of the busiest, with over 170 buses, belonging to private as well as State road transport corporations, operating every day. In addition, there are two daily trains, another train four days a week, a tri-weekly service, two biweekly services and two weekly services between the two cities.

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) operates 47 services to Hyderabad from Bangalore.

They include 11 Rajahamsa (super deluxe), 10 sleeper, eight Airavat (Volvo) and 18 multi-axle services.

The Andhra Pradesh RTC operates five Garuda and five Garuda Plus premium services as well as 20 super deluxe services.

Cashing in on the huge demand for transport between the two IT hubs, private operators have been operating services at their convenience. Sources in the Transport Department said operators obtained permit for a tourist bus (All India Tourist Bus) and operated them as regular stage carriages.

Though private buses are prohibited from operating on nationalised routes, they circumvent the rule by operating services as stage carriages, sources said.

Nearly 80 private buses operate between Bangalore and Hyderabad every day. Except a few renowned transport companies, other operators do not adhere to any specific standards, sources said.

While RTCs charge fixed fares, private operators hike fares during weekends and holidays, sources in the KSRTC said.

There are also private buses that operate on ad-hoc basis during weekends and holidays, sources added.

Passenger traffic on the sector is so high that almost all RTC buses run full as do the two daily trains — Bangalore City to Kacheguda, and Yeshwantpur to Kacheguda. The Sampark Kranthi, which is operated four days a week to Delhi via Hyderabad, runs almost to full capacity, sources in the Railways said.