Deepika Arwind

Bangalore: Even as Karnataka State Human Rights Commission has taken serious note of the influx of child workers from Bihar to Bangalore and asked the Labour Department to submit a report, more cases of children being brought from Bihar is being reported in the city.

Twelve Bihari children have been brought to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in the last month and more than half of them have been here for only a fortnight or less.

Twelve others, rescued earlier, have been sent back to their homes. The children are aged between 10 and 16 and are brought here by relatives or people known to them to work in leather factories and glass factories among others.

“The number of North Indian children who come to Bangalore to get employed is on the increase, especially in the small-scale sector,” says Vasudev Sharma, chairperson of the CWC. The children come from villages such as Musaraniya, Bijahi and Bhisanpur in Bihar, and the children’s parents are unaware they have been rescued.

According to H.S. Uthapa, Joint Labour Commissioner, the cases relating to five of the boys who came in earlier, who were able to give details of their employers, have been booked. “In the last month, 12 to 15 boys have been sent back to Bihar, and the cases against some of their employers have been booked as well,” he said. Every time a child went missing from school, the networking between the three would help track the child and prosecute the employer, he said. There were a few cases of children who land here by mistake.