The Goa government’s Social Welfare Department will soon provide a monthly assistance of Rs.1,000 to persons engaged in traditional occupations or businesses.

The scheme extending financial assistance to 11 traditional occupations or businesses has been notified last week in an attempt to provide social security and monetary help to the weaker sections of the society.

To be eligible, criteria such as income cap, age and residency status will be considered. Those availing benefits of monthly social security in any other form from the government would not be eligible for assistance under this scheme.


In the erstwhile regime of the Congress, Nandakumar Kamat, Member of State Planning Board and researcher at Goa University had submitted a detailed report on this issue making several recommendations to the government to take measures to protect traditional occupations in the industrialised, liberalised and fast globalising scenario.

The scheme notified for five years underscores the importance of such traditional occupations and the pressing need to conserve traditional knowledge and skills associated with these occupations and businesses. There is a need to empower the people engaged in these occupations to enable them to face the severe competition in the world of mass and machine-based production.

The identified occupations are: coconut plucking, canoe building, beam-making, carpentry, pottery, coppersmith, salt production, hair-cutting (barber), cobbling, idol making and laundry.

Number of occupations identified: 11

Eligibility: Age, Residency status, Income

Monthly assistance: Rs. 1,000