Staff Reporter

Bangalore: It has been nearly three weeks since the Indian Meteorological Department announced the arrival of the monsoon in Karnataka, and one imagines that Bangalore would now be in the thick of torrential rain — but all it has received all month is an occasional drizzle.

However, according to the Meteorological Centre here, this is set to change in the next couple of days with a trough of low pressure that has formed over the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, which promise to bring more rain to the State.

“The monsoon is likely to get more active in the next three days, especially in the coastal and ghat regions,” said M.B. Rajegowda, Professor of Agrometeorology, University of Agricultural Sciences. Interior Karnataka can also expect moderate rainfall in the next three days thanks to this developing system, he added. The forecast for the next two days for Bangalore is cloudy weather with possible thundershowers in the evening, according to the Meteorological Centre.

‘Normal pattern’

While Bangalore appears to have been bypassed by the monsoon, it does come as a surprise that the rainfall recorded this month (110 mm) has far exceeded the average rainfall for June (70 mm). And this was recorded in just the first two days of the arrival of the monsoon in Karnataka, after which the city has since only received trace rain.

The monsoon is following a normal pattern, said Dr. Rajegowda.

“South and north interior Karnataka normally receive the full intensity of the monsoon only after June 20.”