Trial related to murder of three women allegedly by Mohan Kumar by administering cyanide has been adjourned to September 30 as police could not bring him to the court due to lack of personnel.

The trial pertained to murders of Anita from Bantwal, Leela from Vamana Padavu and Sundanda from Sullia. These were among the 20 women allegedly murdered by Mohan Kumar. All the cases are being tried by the newly formed Fourth Additional District and Session Court.

The trial was being conducted by the Fast Track Session Court here. Having examined most of the witnesses, the Fast Track Court Judge had retired from service at the time when examination of two prime witnesses remained. Then there were no proceedings of the cases for nearly a year.

The State government then closed Fast track Sessions Courts in the state, including the one in Mangalore, and replaced them with District Sessions Courts.

Fourth District and Sessions Court resumed hearing the cases related to Mohan Kumar in June. On Tuesday the court was to hear witnesses Mohammed from Puttur and Rajesh Manchi.

While Mohammed is accused of supplying cyanide to Mohan Kumar, Rajesh Manchi was among the witnesses to the Panchanama prepared by the police following the death of one of the three women murdered.