Karnataka State Minorities Commission Chairman Anwar Manippady has, in a press release on Wednesday, replied to the statement made by Union Minority Affairs Minister K. Rahman Khan that appeared in The Hindu on Sunday denying his involvement in the encroachment of Wakf land and fraud in the Amanath Cooperative Bank.

Mr. Khan’s outburst that the commission’s report on Wakf property scam should be thrown into the dustbin showed his disrespect to a constitutional body and was unbecoming of his status as Minister, Mr. Manippady said. He said that he had nowhere mentioned or named anyone involved in the scam. The report was with the government and it was now the property of the legislature. Mr. Khan had made such a statement because he was “jittery”, he added.

He said Mr. Khan’s admission that he had drafted the lease agreement of Windsor Manor Hotel property here indicated his involvement in the issue.