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He says he will help in increasing the amount of compensation to affected people

  • He visited houses in Medapalli Tanda, Aurad and Chintaki
  • 250 houses suffered partial damage and eight houses have collapsed in Aurad taluk
  • Nearly 10 per cent of the crop has been damaged

    BIDAR: Minister for Agriculture and district in-charge Bandeppa Kashempur visited rain damaged villages in Aurad taluk on Monday.

    He said he would request Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy to increase the amount of compensation given to people whose houses were damaged. "We should increase the amount to that paid to victims of the tsunami," Mr. Kashempur said.

    "Compensation fixed under the Calamity Relief Fund norms is low. According to the norms, people whose houses suffered partial damage should get Rs. 800 and those whose roofs have collapse should get Rs. 2,000. This is not enough for people to reconstruct their lives. We know that and we will do the best to increase it," he said.

    He visited houses in Medapalli Tanda, Aurad, Chintaki and other villages. Most of the damaged houses were built in the 1960s and with rudimentary construction technology. The fact that such weak houses were exposed to heavy rain had made the situation worse, Mr. Kashempur said.

    Officials said nearly 250 houses suffered partial damage and eight houses had collapsed in the taluk. Nearly 10 per cent of the crop was damaged. The total loss would be estimated and sent to the Government in two or three days, Deputy Commissioner Munish Moudgil said.

    Public Works Department officials said some roads, culverts and check dams had been damage. We need Rs. 8.85 crore for repair and reconstruction of roads, culverts and check dams, PWD executive engineer S. Mundole said.

    Agriculture officials said the total rainfall in the district in the last four days was equal to 90 per cent of the average of the whole month. The district had received 143 mm of rainfall in three days, while the month's average was 176 mm. Aurad taluk received the highest amount of rainfall of 174 mm in three days of which, 140 mm of rain was received on a single day. The district has come from a situation of scarcity in July to excess rainfall in August. There was 112 mm of rain in July compared to the average of 203 mm.