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`22 Dalits have been transferred without being given fresh postings'

BIDAR: The Federation of Dalit Associations has alleged that Agriculture Minister and district in-charge Bandeppa Kashempur is anti-Dalit and is transferring government employees of the Scheduled Castes communities.

Leaders of various factions of the Dalit Sangharsha Samiti told presspersons here on Tuesday that as many as 22 Dalits had been transferred but were not given fresh postings. They also alleged Mr. Kashempur was favouring employees of the Kuruba community . "Mr. Kashempur won the Assembly elections because the Dalits supported him in large numbers ," they said. . Narsing Soni, Rajkumar Kamble, R. Gaekwad, R. Basavaraju, K. Sharanappa, P. Chakravarthy, and others were present.