The Mysore and Chamarajanagar Milk Union crossed a big milestone in July this year when it recorded its highest milk procurement of 5.13 lakh litres. This is the highest-ever procurement since the formation of the union, which covers the districts of Mysore and Chamarajanagar.

In a span of one year, milk procurement has gone up by 80,000 litres. The rise in milk production is attributed to managerial practices and support facilities for producers. The Mysore union is a unit of the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF). Speaking to The Hindu , Mysore Milk Union Managing Director Kumaraswamy said the union had taken various measures to ensure increase in milk production. The procurement of 5.13 lakh litres last month was a record for the union, he said, adding that milk production in August was around 4.95 lakh litres.

Many milk producers, most of them farmers, have begun cultivating green fodder to boost milk production.

“We have been advising producers to feed green fodder to their cattle to increase milk yield.

The response has been very good as many farmers have started growing green fodder such as hybrid napier grass, guinea grass and para grass for cattle,” Mr. Kumaraswamy said.

He said the seeds to produce green fodder varieties were distributed at subsidised costs to them.

The advantage of feeding green fodder to cattle is that it improves their health substantially, according to the Managing Director.

“Cattle can easily digest green fodder. It requires less energy to consume green fodder than dry fodder. We have seen rise in milk production in cases where producers have been feeding their cattle with green fodder,” he explained.