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Metro, KSCA work out compromise

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A major obstacle in the Namma Metro project was overcome when both the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) and the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) entered into a compromise on the project.

The compromise formula was filed out on Wednesday as a memo before the Karnataka High Court.

The agreement pertains to the acquisition of land in the eastern part of the Chinnaswamy Stadium and the KSCA Grounds.

Underground work

As per the compromise, BMRCL will take up underground work at the eastern part of the stadium and the KSCA grounds, a part of which it intends to acquire for the prestigious Namma Metro project.

After work on the eastern part is completed, BMRCL will permit KSCA to use the space over such construction for purposes of landscaping and construction of tennis and squash courts which have been now demolished.

KSCA will have to furnish detailed drawings and maps before embarking upon the construction. It will also have pay for the construction.

As regards acquisition of land opposite Minsk Square (B Ground), BMRCL will be permitted to construct disabled-friendly entry and exit structures for commuters. Here too, the KSCA has been permitted to utilise the area above the entry and exit points for pavilion and a sports complex. BMRCL will not pay any compensation to the KSCA for construction of exit and entry points. But it will pay compensation for the structures that have already come up in the stadium complex.





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