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  • High Court has trained three batches of mediators in Bangalore
  • The parties will have 60 days to settle their dispute

    BANGALORE: Justice N. Kumar on Tuesday said mediation could help reduce pendency of cases and reminded the legal fraternity that over 2.7 crore cases were pending before different courts in the country.

    He said mediation could succeed only if the advocates cooperated with the endeavour of the Karnataka High Court in introducing mediation as one of the techniques to reduce the pendency of cases.

    He was speaking at a seminar on "The art of mediation," organised on the High Court premises by the Karnataka section of the International Commission of Jurists, Bangalore, and the International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bangalore.

    He said the advocates representing the parties would also represent the case before the mediators and that they would be part of the process till it concluded.

    He said the High Court had already trained three batches of mediators in Bangalore, and cases would now be referred to them by the lower courts. He said there is a mistaken notion that the mediation now sought to be introduced in the judiciary was already existing in the country.

    He said the mediation now brought about by amending the Civil Procedure Code was different from one that existed in the country.

    Justice Kumar said once the pleadings were completed in the lower court, the case would be referred to mediation. The parties would have 60 days to settle their dispute. If the dispute remained, the matter would come back before the court.

    Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court Cyriac Joseph said the High Court had organised a series of functions to make people aware of the art of mediation.

    Richard Seeborg, Judge, U.S. District Court, San Jose-California, spoke on judicial mediation.

    Victor Schacheger, attorney at Scnwick, West up-Programme Director, ISDLS, San Fransisco, also spoke.

    Earlier, the Chief Justice presented mementoes to Mr. Seeborg and Mr. Victor.