A socially responsible institution like the media should be cautious in carrying news from “sources” on sensitive issues such as terrorism, writer Banjagere Jayaprakash said.

Intense competition in the media repeatedly brought humiliation and hardship on a section of society, he said, releasing the book Media and Terror: Facts and Fiction , here recently. The book was brought out by the Students Islamic Organisation of India.

Mr. Jayaprakash said the media tended to carry news provided by sources without verifying their authenticity.

In many cases, charge sheets filed by the police and the courts’ observations contradicted news published in the media.

“Reporting false news causes irreparable loss to the individual/community. Reports linking innocent [people] to terrorist activities not only humiliates them but also ruins their life,” he said.

V.S. Sridhar of the National Law College noted that if an individual was unjustly branded “terrorist” by the media, it could lead him to fall prey to interest groups.