‘I didn’t cooperate in carrying out illegal orders’

Mysore City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner M.R. Ravi has refuted Mayor M.C. Rajeshwari’s allegations that he was not taking her or other councillors into confidence, being indifferent to resolutions passed in the council, and not implementing policy decisions taken by the elected body

Responding to the Mayor’s allegations published in the media on Thursday, the Commissioner described them as “baseless” and said they came as a shock as she had praised his work in the past.

Referring to Ms. Rajeshwari’s remarks that he was taking decisions unilaterally, the Commissioner said he had been following the directives issued by the office of the Mayor.

However, Mr. Ravi said there was pressure on him ever since he took charge as MCC Commissioner seven months ago to execute or undertake what he described as “illegal” orders.

“As I did not cooperate with her in carrying out the illegal directives, she has chosen to attack me in this manner. It is unbecoming of her status as Mayor,” said Mr. Ravi, who also accused her of trying to derail the MCC administration by seeking transfer of officials and staff.

Responding to allegations that he conducted meetings with staff at his official residence, Mr. Ravi said it was conducted only in exceptional cases when there was paucity of time.

On not convening the MCC council meetings in January, Mr. Ravi claimed thatthe office had fixed January 18 and January 31 as the dates for the council meetings and it was sent to the Mayor for approval. However, she did not respond.

“Likewise, the Mayor failed to attend any of the meetings held with members of the various standing committees. It is shocking that I am being accused of being indifferent to the city’s development,” the Commissioner said.

  • ‘The allegations are baseless and have come as

    a shock to me’

  • ‘Mayor didn’t respond when asked for approval of dates for council meeting’