Shivamurthy Murugharajendra Sharana of the Bruhanmath, Chitradruga, said here on Thursday that there is a potential danger to society if religious maths transformed themselves as potential vote banks. At an interactive programme on “Religious Maths and Politics” here , he said that religious maths have to keep themselves from vote bank politics consciously to protect and promote democratic values.

To questions on the BJP government doling out funds for religious institutions, including his own, the seer said that most maths need not depend on such funds. “Some maths might need funds for serving the impoverished sections of society and to usher in social equity,” he said. However, they should not consider funds given as “favours” and support the governments or the party in power, he said.

Shivamurthy Murugharajendra Sharana said that religious leaders should foresee the intentions of the governments in doling out funds and should not compromise on their values by mixing religion with politics.

To a question on a few religious heads openly supporting a former Chief Minister after he was forced to quit on corruption charges, he said that supporting a politician to return favours was not right.

Underlining the need for maths to maintain religious independence, he said that it was time to convene a convention of religious heads for an introspection on receiving funds from the governments.