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Rs. 46,994 crore to be spent over 18 years

BMLTA to have a tie-up with Bangalore

City Connect

200 traffic wardens to be trained under

the venture

BANGALORE: The Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transport Authority (BMLTA) has approved Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan (CCTP) for the city, which involves an investment of Rs. 46,994 crore over the next 18 years.


In its recent meeting chaired by authority chairman and Chief Secretary Sudhakar Rao, the Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transport Authority approved a tie up with Bangalore City Connect, a non-profit trust, to have a public-private partnership in respect of certain projects with city agencies, according to a release by Urban Land Transport Commissioner Gaurav Gupta.

With regard to Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan, Mr. Rao directed all the agencies concerned to come up with action plan along with phasing details after identifying financial resources required for the plan.

Additional Chief Secretary Vatsala Watsa was entrusted with the responsibility to oversee the operationalisation of the plan.


The tie-up with Bangalore City Connect, called Bangalore Traffic and Transport Initiative, will be monitored by a subcommittee of the authority.

Individual agencies will be given flexibility to identify the projects and to decide the terms and conditions of the cooperation with the City Connect.

As a part of this partnership, the traffic police have framed an understanding in which the City Connect will provide, at its cost, 200 traffic wardens to be trained and deployed by the traffic police on the road to the new Bangalore International Airport near Devanahalli.


Principal Secretary (Urban Development) Jothiramalingam, who is the chairman of two sub-groups on Inter-Modal Transport Terminals and Parking Infrastructure, placed the reports of the deliberations in the sub-group before the authority.

The focus of the authority would be on implementation of initiatives recommended by experts for easing city’s traffic problems and enabling a well-planned management of traffic in the years to come, Mr. Gupta added.