Special Correspondent

Raitha santhe near vegetable market

MUDA to set up 400 stalls

Farmers to sell produce directly

to consumers

Mysore: It is a win-win situation for all. The reference is to the raitha santhe that will come up near the existing vegetable market on the M.G. Road and will benefit the farmers, vegetable vendors as also the consumers.

The Karnataka Exhibition Authority and the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) will soon develop permanent facilities, including sheds for the benefit of farmers and the vendors so as to transact business with consumers. About 400 stalls will come up and the authorities will issue permission for genuine wholesale dealers based on their records. The objective is to reduce the scourge of the middlemen who jack up the rates, give poor remuneration to farmers and cheat the customers.

An added benefit: decongestion of the M.G. Road which the motorists avoid at present during morning hours. At present, the vegetable market lacks civic amenities like drinking water or toilet and this would be taken care of at the raitha santhe which will be ready in a few months. Nirmiti Kendra in the city will take up the construction work and the santhe will be spread over nearly eight acres of land.