The Mysore Based NR Group was founded by Sri N. Ranga Rao in 1948.

Over the past sixty years NR group has grown to become a successfully run multinational family business. The family has today become a multifaceted enterprise with varied business interests.   

Sri N.Ranga Rao, called his range of incense sticks Cycle a symbol recognized across the globe.

The name had a picture of Cycle to match, and thus was born a symbol of honest to God quality and genuine value for money.

His clear belief was Quality backed by values will pay.

Today Cycle Pure Agarbathies is widely known, trusted and is the world's leading incense brand.

The company has diversified keeping in mind its expertise in fragrance creation with two more companies, Ripple Fragrances and NESSO.

Ripple, the group's spatial fragrance initiative creates products for functional air care under the brand Lia and products for wellness and home fragrance under the brand IRIS. NESSO focuses on Natural Essential Oils and Extracts of flowers and herbs.

In 1990, the family successfully diversified into Rangsons Electronics, a non-core business.

This company provides Electronic Manufacturing Solutions in the Telecom, Industrial Automation, Avionics, Medical and Defense space.

The Group is also passionately involved in societal development activities through its non profit organization called NR foundation. The NR Group today is professionally-managed by Mr. Arjun Ranga, Mr. Pavan Ranga, and Mr. Kiran Ranga who form the third generation of the Ranga family. They are building on the legacy  that their grandfather created for them, and the second generation of Sri.R.Guru, Sri R.N.Murthy , and Sri R.Vasu, nurtured .The third generation is taking the group forward while abiding by the values of the founder.

 And thus the Cycle moves on with the belief ….Good begets good.