K.V. Subramanya

Seven posts of inspector and one post of ACP vacant

  • City figures prominently in the hit list of terrorist outfits
  • Central intelligence agencies have issued alert on possible terrorist strikes in Bangalore on August 15
  • Even routine intelligence gathering has suffered for want of staff

    BANGALORE: Although Bangalore occupies a prominent place in the hit list of many terrorist outfits, the city's intelligence wing is unable to gather information on such groups.

    For, all the posts of inspectors in the intelligence wing are vacant. There are seven posts of inspector and one post of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in the city's intelligence wing. All these posts have been lying vacant for the post two months, sources told The Hindu on Monday.

    The routine work has been crippled as it is inspectors who do the major job: guiding the field staff, cross checking and analysing information collected by them and preparing and submitting reports to senior officials.

    According to sources, the intelligence wing is facing a "crisis" as the Central intelligence agencies have alerted the State police of possible terrorist strikes in the city around Independence Day.

    In the absence of specific inputs, the intelligence wing has been compelled to be overcautious.

    "But in the absence of inspectors and the ACP, the top officials are finding it difficult to gather intelligence on extremists," sources said. "If anything goes awry, such as the terrorist attack on the IISc., it is attributed to intelligence failure. But with the given staff, it is not even possible to collect intelligence on political, labour and communal activities," they said.

    Although the Commissioner of Police has written to the State Government to fill the vacancies immediately, nothing has been done. Six candidates were selected for the post of inspector in the past one week. But the orders have not been issued, sources said.

    Fitness problems

    Of the available staff, most of the sub-inspectors have reached the post through promotions and they are on the verge of retirement. Of the constables and head constables, many are facing fitness problems because of ailments and injuries. There are some who have undergone bypass surgery. Most of them are not only physically unfit to take up fieldwork, but also lack the attitude for the job, the sources said.

    Unlike in other major cities, Bangalore does not have a counter-intelligence cell, which exclusively handles intelligence on terrorist groups.

    In the wake of Bangalore being top on the hit list of terrorist groups, the Government should either create a full-fledged counter-intelligence cell or strengthen the existing intelligence wing, they said.