Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: A case of "missing" of a woman and her daughter in Basaveshwarnagar police station limits on Monday kept the police on their toes.

The domestic help working at the house of Sarasavani found the main door locked. On peeping through the window, she reportedly saw bloodstains and informed the police. The police broke open the door, but did not find anyone inside. They took up a missing case.

On investigation, it turned to be an anti-climax. The women were said to be safe in a particular place, and the bloodstains were found to be those of a man.

According to the police, Sarasavani's daughter, Anitha, a theatre artist, was friendly with tabla Babu. Babu, who visited them on Friday, had stayed back in their house.

The next day morning, Ramesh from Varthur, who is also a friend of Anitha, came to the house. He allegedly attacked Babu with a knife. Babu sustained severe injuries on his head. Ramesh left after locking the door.

The neighbours opened the door after the occupants cried out for help. Sarasavani and Anitha took Babu to a hospital, admitted him there and vanished from the scene. During the course of investigation, the police traced Babu at a hospital with serious injuries.