The women of Vanastree in Sirsi are set to journey to the city once more for the Malnad Mela, scheduled to take place on February 2 and 3.

This will be the sixth edition of the mela here (the Sirsi version has been running for 13 years), and on the cards is an interesting list of items and events to keep regulars and first-time visitors happy.

The essence of the mela hasn’t changed, Sunita Rao of Vanastree told The Hindu on the phone from Sirsi.

“Our commitment to a small-scale food system as an important contributor to nutrition and food security, and having women farmers as knowledge keepers, remains the same. The real backbone of our work is the conservation of traditional open-pollinated vegetable and flower seeds, and ensuring that the communities of Malnad and other areas have seed sovereignty.”

The overall mission, she said, was to play a role in the conservation of the Western Ghats and the Malnad region.

At the mela, Vanastree will sell organic open-pollinated vegetable and flower seeds, and their usual range of food such as papads, sweets, pickles and preserves, as well as snacks such as thambli and todadevu.

What’s new this year is a range of freshly made food, including jackfruit bondas, thellevu dosa, masala jackfruit papad, kokam juice and kashaya.

The Malnad Mela is on from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at Golden Bead School, Ratna Avenue, Richmond Road, behind Big Kids Kemp on M.G. Road.