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Good time management may leave you relaxed at the end of the day

Some tips to manage time Ask your customers to send their complaints in writingTry to cut short nosy colleagues without being rudeKeep your desk uncluttered and maintain a list of things to be doneIt is important to cut short telephone conversations wherever possible

BANGALORE: Time management can boost your career and even leave you with some time to spare for your own pursuits. Lack of it can increase your workload and stress level.

"Too many mid-level executives and young professionals think having a neat appointment diary is enough to manage time. They don't take into account people who may actually eat into one's time and reduce productivity," former HR head and consultant M.K. Rao says.

The biggest problem is that those who waste your time may be customers, colleagues or business partners. For some, long phone calls are the only way of doing business. Short conversations are not in their working vocabulary.

"With customers who think long-winded complaints are the only way of getting attention, you can politely but firmly tell them to send it in writing. In fact your customer services section may even have a form that can be filled up and returned," Mr. Rao suggests.

Colleagues who believe in passing time may barge into your room or drag a chair near your workstation and want to discuss everything from the Indian team's prospects in Pakistan to Aamir Khan's wedding... try to cut them short without being rude. Those 10 minutes can make your working day longer by 30 minutes," management consultant K. Panduranga says.

He also has other tips to manage your time better. Keep an uncluttered desk to face the next day. Once people learn they cannot take up too much of your time, they will stop bothering you and, perhaps, start looking for other "victims".