An education-through-art exhibition was held by children of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra here on Monday as part of its Education Awareness Campaign 2011.

Consisting of nearly 100 artworks, each was a visual summary of one chapter in the subjects taught to Standard X students at the kendra, director of the kendra Gopadkar told presspersons. Teacher at the kendra Chetan B.K. said that paintings would eventually be made of all chapters of subjects the children studied, including languages. A variety of approaches are used to make art a part of the learning process. For science lessons, a number of rather remarkable images are used to aid children in remembering the central theme of the lesson. One painting for instance, showed a human head with a number of stethoscopes placed on the body to check illnesses.

Mr. Chetan said through paintings, children learnt that as civilisation advanced, medical knowledge became specialised, and therefore, there were different doctors to diagnose illnesses. There was also a black-and-white drawing of Sudha Chandran, a Bharatanatya dancer who danced with a prosthetic limb, indicated by the figure of a dancer in costume holding up a prosthetic limb.

Mr. Chetan said the topic was covered as part of the syllabus of English for those who studied it as a second language.