Deputy Commissioner of Dharwad and District Election Officer Sameer Shukla has instructed returning officers (ROs) and officials drafted for election duty to be vigilant about cash transfers made through different sources.

At a meeting of officials here on Friday, Mr. Shukla said it was possible that money to woo voters was being transferred through Stree Shakti groups and other self-help groups, and officials should remain vigilant and prevent any such malpractices.

Flying squads, static squads and officials should discharge their duties without any scope for complaints, he said. While inspecting vehicles at check-posts or other places, officials should behave politely with the vehicle owners and passengers. Officials should not seize material or money unrelated to election activities. In case they find cash that was unaccounted, the Department of Income tax should be informed, he said.

Any official showing an indifferent or negligent attitude while discharging his/her duty would face disciplinary action, he added.


Mr. Shukla said electioneering in public places and door-to-door campaigning was not allowed after 10 p.m. Flying and static squads would visit the organisers of any campaigning activities and make sure they respect this deadline. If they do not, officials may seize campaigning material and register cases, he said.

Permission must be taken by candidates or parties for playing drums, or allowing bands to perform in their processions. Officials should also document activities of VIP campaigners this week, Mr. Shukla said.

Superintendent of Police Ravi Kumar Y.S. briefed the participants on security matters.

  • ‘SHGs may be used for transferring money’

  • Campaigning is not allowed after 10 p.m.