The Nomadic Tribes Mahasabha has appealed to the State government not to release the Rs. 50-crore grant earmarked in the State Budget for the welfare of nomadic tribal communities, until it revises the list of beneficiary nomadic communities.

In a memorandum to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday, the mahasabha’s working president Danappa Kabber said the existing list which was prepared in 1965 was erroneous as it omitted genuine nomadic communities leading a peripatetic existence of penury. If the government releases the money, it would not reach the target group and thus deprive many nomadic tribes from being the beneficiaries of the welfare schemes, argued Mr. Kabber. He said that the 1965 list was prepared without following a scientific yardstick. Nearly 25 genuine nomadic tribal communities had been left out and many non-nomadic tribal communities included instead, he alleged. As a result, welfare schemes for nomadic tribes implemented through the Department of Social Welfare had failed to reach the real beneficiaries.

The mahasabha had brought this issue to the notice of the previous Bharatiya Janata Party government. Though BJP leaders had assured that they would revise the list, the promise was not kept, said Mr. Kabber.

The mahasabha also demanded the appointment of a nodal officer to deal with issues related to nomadic tribal communities and setting up of a development corporation and study centre for nomadic tribal communities.