Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: Present-day music caters more to the senses than to the intellect, Director of Sandesha Foundation for Arts and Culture, Mangalore, Denis D'Sa, has said.

He was talking after releasing a Konkani cassette, `Kinkule' (small anklet), brought out by Melwin Peres, "Yodeling King of Konkani music", here on Saturday.

"There is need to include value-based songs in cassettes and compact discs. Music should have a literary touch," he said.

Referring to songs rendered by late Kannada actor Rajkumar, Mr. Denis D'Sa said: "One not only savours the melody in these songs, but also appreciates the rich literature in it.

"It is a pleasure to listen to music penned and composed by people such as Melwin," he added.