Lumbering script toppedwith leaden characters

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No chemistry:Shefali and Rahul fail to strikea chord.
No chemistry:Shefali and Rahul fail to strikea chord.

Kucch Luv Jaisaa (Hindi)

Cast: Shefali Shah, Rahul Bose, Neetu Chandra

Director: Barnali Ray Shukla

A classic case of an interesting premise killed by lacklustre writing. And some fine actors finding themselves out of depth in the absence of proper characterisation.

Debutante Barnali Ray Shukla starts off well as she takes us into the world of Madhu (Shefali Shah) a homemaker whose marriage has fallen to the law of diminishing returns. When her husband (Sumeet Raghavan) forgets her birthday, which comes once in four years, she decides to break free. She gives herself a makeover and buys a car and treats herself to a scrumptious brownie.

At the restaurant she comes across Raghav (Rahul Bose), a gangster on the run. He specialises in forged passports and is duped by his girlfriend (Neetu Chandra). Madhu mistakes him for a detective. Madhu wants to spend the day learning the spying business while Raghav uses her to dodge the police. In between Barnali cuts to show us what Madhu's husband, who works in the ad industry and considers himself an expert on what women want, is up to.

What could have been a jolly ride exploring urban relationships turns out to be a tedious one. To begin with there are factual errors. That car doesn't come for Rs. 2 lakh and certainly not with ready licence plates. It's a bit too convenient to show two persons having February 29 as their birthday.

Even if we ignore these booboos, the story doesn't go anywhere once Madhu and Raghav start following a supposed target. Shefali tries hard to tone down her “intelligent” image but still you can't believe that Madhu can't see through Raghav's shallowness. Rahul Bose has taken such rides with interesting women before (Mr. & Mrs. IyerandChameli). But Barnali has little to contribute once we get to know the backgrounds of her protagonists in the opening montage. Sizzling chemistry between Shefali and Rahul could have saved the day but the two fail to strike a chord. The whole film rests on the premise what if they come little too close to each other but the three (Barnali included) hardly give us the impression that the lead pair could proceed towards a dangerous liaison. That's why the climax looks contrived.





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