Tattoo artist Conrad Misouith, who has his studio in Padil, said tattooing the name of your fiancé can prove costly. In one instance, a girl who did it and forced her boyfriend to follow suit broke up a month later.

Now the girl wanted to remove the tattoo. Mr. Conrad said, “I was in panic and had never done it.”

He had to make a larger tattoo – of a rose – to cover up the boyfriend’s name though she did not have the money to pay him. Since then, Mr. Conrad does not entertain the requests for etching boyfriend or girlfriend’s name. Vinayak Baliga, who tattooed his girlfriend’s name on his back, has retained it though she married someone else. He also has the portraits of his father and mother on his back “to show my love to them”. Removing one square inch tattoo by plastic surgery costs Rs. 1.5 lakh and all cannot afford it. Artist Rakesh said, “Laser technique is another option but it merely burns the skin and dark spot will remain unchanged.”

His experience is that 90 per cent of the clients who tattoo boyfriend and girlfriend’s name come back for alternations.