Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajrang Dal activists stopped vehicles transporting cattle to Goa in the belief that they were being transported illegally to slaughterhouses. Upon inquiry, it was found that they were purchased for distribution as part of an animal husbandry scheme.

According to Hubli-Dharwad Police Commissioner B.A. Padmanayana, the activists informed the police and stopped the lorries late on Sunday. The police found 36 head of cattle of the Jersey breed being transported from Erode in Tamil Nadu to Goa, to be distributed to farmers by the Goa Animal Husbandry Department.

However, as the documentation was not clear, the police seized the cattle.

On Monday, officials from the department arrived here and took back the cattle after producing the required documents.

Mr. Padmanayana said that although some norms pertaining to transportation of cattle were violated, they were petty offences.

He added that he had received no complaints about the activists assaulting the lorry driver.