Bragging about getting away with killing his human resources (HR) manager in a bar proved to be nemesis for a clerk of the State Revenue Department. For, an informer who eavesdropped tipped off the police, which led to the arrest of K.V. Suneel Kumar who allegedly paid a Rs.1 lakh to his cousin and his friend to eliminate Manoj Kumar Kumble in June 2009.

Kumble used to pull up Kumar over his performance and complain to the higher-ups in the MNC. Enraged by this, Kumar, the son of a police official, discussed the matter with his cousin H.G. Umesh, an attendant in a petrol station.

Umesh offered to kill Kumble for Rs.1 lakh. As agreed, Kumar paid him an advance of Rs.5,000.

Umesh bought a knife at the K.R. Market. On June 30, 2009, Kumar took Umesh and his friend Chandra to Kumble’s house in Madiwala.

Kumble, who was watching TV with his friend Kiran, came out of the house. He was stabbed to death and the trio fled.

New job

Kumar resigned after few weeks when he was offered a government job on compassionate grounds when his father died in service.

He joined as a First Division Assistant in the Revenue Department and got married. He was the father of a year-old child when the police came knocking on his door.

Meanwhile, his accomplices Umesh and Chandra had started demanding more money and regular treats at bars now that Kumar had a government job.

During one of such session, the inebriated trio bragged about the murder, patting their own backs over not getting caught.

An informer, who was at the adjacent table, heard their conversation and tipped off the jurisdictional police inspector. But by the time the Madiwala police arrived, the three had left.

However, the CCTV footage at the bar helped trace Umesh and Chandra who initially feigned ignorance but confessed under grilling.