Raghava M.

Some personnel have been accused of corruption

Some have been part of the wing for over a decade

Care being taken to ensure that morale is not affected

BANGALORE: A common complaint against the Lokayukta police — the police wing involved in booking cases of corruption against government officials — is that some of the personnel have been in the department for a long time and have developed vested interests in booking cases.

In order to address the problem, the Lokayukta police have started the process of replacing personnel who have been in the wing for a long time, especially those against whom complaints have been made. Of the over 100 constables attached to the Lokayukta, nearly 50 per cent have been there for years.

Complaints received

“Staying for a long time in the department might lead to developing vested interests in taking action against government officials. I have been receiving complaints against some of them,” said Additional Director-General of Police (Lokayukta) Rupak Kumar Dutta.

There is a norm in the Police Department that personnel should not be allowed to work beyond five years in the same place.

In the Lokayukta police there are many at the constabulary level who have been working in the same place for over a decade. Some of them have been accused of accepting bribes.

Mr. Dutta said the process was on to identify police constables whose services can be used.

The Lokayukta Superintendents of Police have been given the task of identifying the personnel and getting clearance from the district police chiefs concerned, before making a formal request to the Director-General and Inspector-General of Police.

“It’s a sensitive task,” Mr. Dutta said. Care is being taken to ensure that the ongoing process does not affect the morale of the force, which might hinder the work of booking and investigating corruption cases. “I have to retain those working well and also bring in fresh faces who can learn the ways of working in this specialised wing, which is different from others.”

Being done in phases

Mr. Dutta said the work of overhauling the constabulary is being carried out in phases. To start with action is being taken to replace those who have been accused of corruption.

Similarly, action is being against those of the rank of police inspectors and above who have been accused of corruption and leaking information about raids and traps. “A clear message is being sent out that acts of indiscipline will not be glossed over,” Mr. Dutta said.