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It will allow the authority to reach out to the people

The helpline — 080-22375014 — is the first to be offered by an ombudsman in the country

Feature on Lokayukta’s website allows public to give information on officials

BANGALORE: Governor Rameshwar Thakur on Wednesday launched a Lokayukta helpline (080-22375014), the first to be offered by an ombudsman in the country. This will make the authority accessible to the people all the time. The needy can use the helpline not only to give information about corruption and maladministration in Government offices but also to get help from the authority in cases of emergency, especially at night.

The Governor also launched a new feature on the Lokayukta’s website ( which would enable public to provide information about officials who have made assets disproportionate to their known sources of income.


Speaking on the occasion, Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde said the new initiative was in continuation of the institution’s attempt to reach out to people, who are suffering from the lack of easy access to governance of the State. “They have many problems. There should be somebody to listen to their grievances. It will be a solace for him [public],” he said.

The Governor said the new facilities would be very useful and would go a long way in making the Lokayukta institution citizen-friendly. He said e-Governance should enable seamless access and flow of information across the State. A facility for providing information through the website will help in combating corruption and ensuring good governance.

The National Informatics Centre has developed a new feature on the Lokayukta website for giving information about officials who have assets disproportionate to their known source of income. Clicking on “Information on disproportionate assets” feature, the website will take you through the text that states the importance of giving such information and the way it should be given.

The website will take you to the form in which the details can be entered. “Giving the name of the informant is optional,” Mr. Hegde said. This information, which is accessed only by the Lokayukta and Additional Director General of Police (Lokayukta), will be sent to Lokayukta police for checking facts.