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People asked to come forward and complain about graft

BANGALORE: Lok Ayukta N. Santosh Hegde has invited public opinion in fighting corruption in the State and called for an awakening among the people to voice their views against corrupt officials. He was speaking after inaugurating the five-year LLB course in Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College of Law here on Wednesday.

Mr. Hegde said, "Corruption can be eradicated either by taking preventive or corrective measures. While the preventive measures involve the pressure of public opinion and transparent dealings of officials, the latter can be achieved only after finding solid evidence against a person." He asked aggrieved people to come forward and air their grievances on bribery and other forms of corruption. He said there had been 14 raids since he took charge as Lok Ayukta earlier this month.

In his address to students, Mr. Hegde advised them to observe court proceedings and learn from senior advocates and judges. "Law education and the profession are losing their old values because of some mismanagement by institutions and the Government. Law schools should follow a step-by-step approach in training students, thus enabling them to master the nuances of the judicial system in an uncomplicated manner," Mr. Hegde said.

In an interactive session that followed the inauguration, he answered students' questions on corruption and the prospects of law education in the country.

He expressed his opinion regarding the need for a three-year graduate course in law to fill the vacancies in mofussil courts across the country.

Shadakshara Swamy, president of SJR Education Society, said, "Interest and dedication on the part of students is essential in achieving their goals."

Uday Shankar, secretary, SJR Education Society and Bindu, principal of the college, were present.