A 26-year-old lion and a 14-year-old leopard died in the Bannerghatta Biological Park near here on Sunday. This takes the number of deaths of carnivores to eight in the last two months.

According to a press release, the lion, “Raja”, which was the oldest in the park, had acute infection of tuberculosis. It also had other age-related disorders. The leopard, “Ganesh”, was suffering from neurological disorder and was on liquid therapy for a long time. The loin had been rescued from Geeta Circus in Gulbarga and brought to the Bannerghatta Rescue Centre in December 2000. The lion has outlived its normal life span of 12 years. It was one of the 14 carnivores aged above 19 in the park.

The leopard had been rescued from Heggadadevankote in September 1996. Since last month, the leopard had been suffering from neurological disorder and was not consuming food and water.

The post-mortem was conducted on the BBP premises. Three sets of visceral samples have been sent for test. The park authorities are waiting for the reports.

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