An elderly man who attempted to drown himself at the Panambur beach here on Thursday was rescued by lifeguards and sent home.Chief Executive Officer of Panambur beach Tourism Development Project Yathish Baikampady told The Hindu that 85-year-old Natarajan Vellur of Kulai was spotted alighting from an authorikshaw and going towards the water.

He then took off his clothes and left his belongings on the sand and went into water.

“He immediately started gasping, and our boys rushed to him.

“Once we got him out, he started shivering as there was a strong wind,” said Mr. Baikampady.

However, it was difficult to communicate with him as he spoke Tamil.

Fortunately, a man who was selling “churmuri” acted as translator and the lifeguards learned that he wanted to commit suicide.

Impulse to end life

Mr. Natarajan told the lifeguards that he had wanted to die as he was getting old and that it was a “spur of the moment decision”, and assured them that he would not attempt it again as his children were good to him, Mr. Baikampady told The Hindu.

His relatives arrived around 20 minutes after they were informed, he added.