Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: One always hears of complaints that government agencies do their work in a rather shoddy manner. But here is a case where one agency actually wants to do it right, except the beneficiaries (read: residents) are not allowing it to.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) took up replacement of sewage lines in some areas of Bangalore East, since they were first laid in 1972 and do not have the capacity to carry the current sewage flow. On April 23, when BWSSB began work at Shastrinagar, residents objected and insisted that the sewage lines be laid inside the storm water drain. “The residents told us that we should do this as it would mean no digging of roads. But a High Court order has prohibited us from laying sewage lines inside the storm water drain,” a spokesperson from BWSSB said.

Five days later, the BWSSB sent a strongly-worded press release saying: “Since the work of the BWSSB has been stopped by the residents of Shastrinagar and Lakshmipura areas, residents of these areas should not complain of the foul smell and flow of sewage into their residences, which is likely to occur. BWSSB can take up the work only if the public co-operate.”

The release also said that if the work was not completed by monsoon, people living in upstream areas such as Munireddypalya, Vasanthnagar, Pottery Town, Murphy town, M.V. Garden and downstream areas such as Shastrinagar, Saraswathipuram, Indiranagar, Domlur would have to put up with flow of sewage into their homes.