The animal has been hiding on the banks of the Bhima for over a month

The Forest Department has launched a full-scale hunt for the elusive leopard in Guddewadi and neighbouring villages in Afzalpur taluk after it killed another calf and attacked a buffalo at Desai Kallur village.

More than 50 Forest Department guards and experts from the Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore, armed with tranquilisers and latest traps, have begun operations to capture the leopard, which has been playing hide and seek in these villages on the banks of the Bhima for over a month.

Official sources said that on Friday the leopard killed a calf, but before it could devour the prey, two other cattle chased it away.

Hunt begins

On Saturday, the leopard was reportedly spotted by a farmer in a sugarcane field next to the one where the calf was killed. Meanwhile, more than 50 guards from the Forest Department, a veterinary doctor from Gulbarga, two expert veterinary doctors from Bannerghatta National Park and an official from Bangalore launched an all-out hunt to capture the animal at Desai Kallur.


The Forest Department officials are confident about capturing the animal this time as it would definitely come back for the carcass left behind.

The officials have set traps in many places around the carcass.

“We are confident of capturing the animal by Sunday morning,” said a senior Forest Department official.

The department has also sought the help of local hunters.

The leopard was first spotted in the third week of October after it killed a calf and a cow near a sugarcane field at Guddewadi. Later, it killed a farm dog at Ghattarga village. In the first week of November, the leopard was spotted near human settlements at Guddewadi, chasing a dog late in the evening.

The trap laid by the Forest Department with live bait in Guddewadi village had no impact as the leopard did not go anywhere near it.

  • The leopard killed another calf on Friday
  • On Saturday, it was spotted by a farmer in a sugarcane field