B.S. Ramesh

`The terrorist outfit had hatched the plan in Saudi Arabia'

  • The cadres' have planned to attack vital scientific and economic installations
  • A list of phone numbers, explosives and arms and ammunitions used by LeT cadres have been seized

    BANGALORE: While there has been speculation on whether terrorist outfits have infiltrated into Karnataka and whether threats by extremist outfits should be taken seriously, investigations by the Bangalore police have revealed the existence of Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) cadres in the State and plots by them to divide the people and the nation.

    The investigations have revealed that the LeT had hatched the plan to destabilise India and Bangalore in particular, at a masjid in Saudi Arabia. It was in that country that the LeT had set into motion its plan for a Jehad against India and decided to recruit people for this cause.

    The LeT, investigations have revealed, had "divided" Karnataka into two segments and placed two persons it had trained in sabotage, jehadi and other terrorist activities to head them. The mandate to the two modules was to attack vital scientific and economic installations and dams in the State.

    While Afsar Pasha was in charge of the LeT module to look after south Karnataka, Mehaboob Ibrahim Sab Chopdar Ibrahim was in charge of north Karnataka. In turn, Pasha had recruited five persons and trained them in LeT methods of sabotage.

    Pasha held secret meetings with persons he had recruited in a place near Ulsoor, Cubbon Park and in his house in Bangalore. The investigations have revealed that Pasha and his associates had decided to plant bombs in Bangalore and elsewhere, and they had procured explosives, bombs and other equipment. At least five persons apart from Pasha, including, Mohammad Razhur Rehman, alias Abdul Rehman who is the LeT chief of south India; Mehaboob Ibrahim; Noorulla Khan, alias Noor of Kolar district; Mohammad Irfan of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh and now residing in Kolar district; and Munna, who have all been identified as active members of the LeT, had entered into a criminal conspiracy to destroy public property, target places of worship, damage multinational companies and create enmity between different communities by setting off bomb explosions.

    The investigators have pinpointed how Abdul Rehman of Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh came in touch with Sheikh Mehboob Ahamed Moulana, an LeT leader at a masjid in Saudi Arabia.

    In 1998, Sheikh Mehaboob motivated Rehman to join the LeT. The police have a list of phone numbers used by the LeT. The police have seized 21 detonators, 120 cylindrical boxes containing nitrate mixture which can be used as an explosive, 30 cylinders of high explosive nitro compound, a revolver, a pistol and ammunitions.

    Several diaries containing the names and addresses of some persons, telephone numbers, minute books, and paper-slips have also been seized by the police.