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Lane system to be enforced in Cubbon Park

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NEW SYSTEM: Work on marking lanes on the the road leading to Sheshadri Memorial Hall in progress. Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy
NEW SYSTEM: Work on marking lanes on the the road leading to Sheshadri Memorial Hall in progress. Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy

Anil Kumar Sastry

Police identify 20 roads for earmarking lanes for autorickshaws

BANGALORE: The traffic police are all set to introduce lane system for two-wheelers and cars inside Cubbon Park.

To begin with, they have started to divide the road from Hudson Circle to Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall that houses the Central Library, with a yellow line and the same would be extended to other roads inside the park.

"It would be a school to learn lane discipline," M.N. Reddi, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), told The Hindu . He said only two categories of vehicles two wheelers and cars were allowed inside giving a freehand to policemen to introduce the lane system.

While the left portion of the road would be earmarked for two-wheelers, the right side would be for cars, said Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic-Central) K. Eshwar Prasad. The vehicles have to take the respective lanes at the Hudson Circle entrance and merge at the circle after the Central Library, he said.

Mr. Reddi said the department had identified 20 main roads in the city for earmarking dedicated lanes for autorickshaws.

This is in conformity with Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy's traffic management initiative, and dedicated lanes would be introduced wherever possible.

A dedicated autorickshaw lane has been introduced on Kempe Gowda Road between Hudson Circle and State Bank of Mysore. Mr. Reddi said the road now looks very wide and fast moving vehicles have no hindrance. Dedicated lanes for autorickshaws would be introduced on Airport Road and the marking would begin in two days, he added.

Other roads on the list include R.V. Road, Lavelle Road, Cubbon Road, K.M. Cariappa Road (Residency Road), Richmond Road and revival of lane discipline on M.G. Road. All these roads face the problem of slow moving autorickshaws and the traffic was supposed to move with ease after introducing dedicated lanes, Mr. Reddi said.




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