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Authorities say he was killed by mentally unsound prisoner

BANGALORE: A peasant from Shimoga and his wife, who was a daily wage worker, had petitioned the Karnataka High Court for compensation for the death of their son in jail.

The petitioners, Mohammad Shafi and his wife Rehmath Bi, said they were natives of Thipalpura camp at Arehalli, Bhadravati, Shimoga district. They said their son, Mohammad Sadiq, was an undertrial in the Central Jail in Parapanna Agrahara, Bangalore.

Sadiq, they claimed, was charged by the police under Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and he was sent to Parappana Agrahara in 2007.

They said Sadiq was quartered in the second barrack in the jail in Room No. 5 along with another prisoner, Gopal. They said when they went to meet Sadiq in jail, he was looking cheerful and that he expressed his determination to come out of jail and help educate his younger sister and brother. Shafi and Rehmath said in June 2007 they received information from the jail authorities that their son was fatally hit on the head by a fellow prisoner.

When the petitioners came to Bangalore, they were told that Sadiq was in Victoria Hospital. They said they collected their son’s body from the hospital. The jail authorities told them that Gopal and Sadiq were fighting each other and that Gopal was not mentally sound. They claimed that Gopal had picked up a boulder within the jail and hit Sadiq on the head with it. They said the jail authorities told them that Gopal and Sadiq often quarrelled with each other. If that was so, how could the jail authorities be callous in allowing the two to stay in the same cell? Alleging negligence by the jail authorities, the petitioners sought compensation of Rs. 15 lakh from them for their son’s death.