Draft proposal sent to government for approval: engineer

The Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB) has prepared a draft estimate of Rs. 89 crore for providing the residents of Gulbarga with drinking water every day by increasing the withdrawal from the Bhima and the Bennethora sources and augmenting the storage capacity.

Executive engineer of KUWSDB Ashok Madyal told The Hindu here on Tuesday that the said proposal was an alternative to State government’s decision to bring the entire Gulbarga under 24x7 drinking water supply scheme, which would be implemented by the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation. The draft estimate prepared by KUWSDB would be sent to the government for administrative and technical approval, he said.

Drinking water was being provided on alternate days in some localities had not been covered under the 24x7 drinking water scheme, and in many others it was being provided once in three days due to lack of water treatment facility. While Gulbarga needed more than 90 million litres of water daily, at present the withdrawal from the Bennethora and the Bhima ranged from 65 to 70 million litres a day.

Mr. Madyal said that the existing pipeline from Saradagi barrage, constructed across the Bhima, from where the drinking water to Gulbarga is being drawn, had a capacity to carry 110 million litres a day and at present, only about 55 million litres was being pumped from it. As per the new proposal, the pumping of water from Saradagi barrage would be increased by another 50 million litres a day by installing necessary equipment.

Simultaneously, the KUWSDB proposes to increase the capacity of the treatment plant at Chor Gumbuz from 40 million litres a day to 60 million litres, and construct a new treatment plant of 50 million litres a day capacity at Kotnur on the outskirts of the city.

The KUWSDB also proposes to increase the pumping of water from Bennethora from the present 20 million litres a day to 30 million litres a day.

Mr. Madyal said that by implementing the new proposal, the drinking water requirement of the residents of Gulbarga could be comfortably met for the next 15 years.

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