Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: If everything goes according to the plan of the University of Mysore, the Kukkarahalli Lake, a prime lung space for the city, may regain its past glory.

For, the university, the lake's caretaker, has intensified its efforts to revive the lake. It has taken up the task of measuring the extent of silt formation on the lakebed.

Mumbai-based Sea Bird Surveys Private Ltd. has been entrusted with the task of conducting a survey to measure the extent of silt accumulation on the lakebed.

The survey which is on for the last couple of days will conclude on Sunday. “After analysing the data collected, a report will be submitted to the engineering division of the university,” said M. Junaid, senior surveyor of the company.

The university authorities will later take a decision on removing silt from the lake.

The lake is facing the threat of losing its beauty as untreated sewage flows into it. Also the feeder channels that bring rainwater into the lake from surrounding areas have been blocked.

In fact, the lake was restored and beautified, with funds from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), seven years ago. However, owing to the apathy of civic authorities, the lake lapsed back into its former condition.

The Government has set aside funds for the lake's rejuvenation, and the university, under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor V.G. Talawar, has taken steps to revive the lake and its environs.